HECO: Dependability, Integrity & Service

Published October 17, 2018

Our goal at Highway Equipment Company (HECO) is to give our customers everything they need to be successful. Whether they’re using a New Leader or Hi-Way product, servicing the product, or selling it, we want every person who touches our product to have everything they need to be successful. While this certainly includes helpful tools and services like troubleshooting, it goes much farther and deeper than that within these walls.

From the initial design of the product, our in-house engineering team is constantly using a forward-looking mindset to ensure we’re creating and delivering a high-quality product that exceeds our customers’ expectations. When the design hits our factory floor and the production process begins, our system only gets stronger. Our facility features two sophisticated laser cutting technologies that reduce the need for splicing sheets of steel together. This creates fewer weld seems and results in a higher quality piece of equipment, one with fewer corrosion zones and potential points for failure.

Even though we go to great lengths to design and manufacture dependable and durable products, issues in the field inevitably arise. That’s why we have over 70 online service videos covering common issues like sensor testing, spread pattern testing, and replacing valves and spinner discs. We also recognize some issues require a human touch. We therefore have a dedicated staff of product specialists who are experts in their industry and are available to answer phone calls, perform on-site visits, and otherwise assist customers in getting back up and running.

Our customers are some of the hardest working people in America. They need equipment and services that let them get the job done day in and day out without fail. Our goal is to make sure they can do just that. In a world filled with style-over-substance companies, we choose to remain a high quality, honest, and dependable company, because if our customers are successful, we’re successful.