Are drug testing and physical exams required for all positions?

Every applicant to Highway Equipment Company is required to undergo drug screening. Physical exams are more job specific, required for positions in departments such as production, product support, engineering. We will schedule the screening and exam; both must be completed before an employee officially joins the company.

What can I expect in the interview process at Highway Equipment Company?

Interview structure varies by position, but in general, our Human Resources Department conducts a phone interview, then schedules and on-site interview and assessment with the hiring manager.

What does Highway Equipment Company look for in a candidate?

We are looking for potential team members who are well prepared, have a strong work ethic, offer related work experience, demonstrate dedication and are ready to learn.

What kind of new employee training and career development opportunities does Highway Equipment Company offer?

Each new employee participates in an onboard training program including Safety, Human Resources Orientation, Systems Training and more. Career development opportunities include tuition reimbursement, certification reimbursement and professional training depending on the position.

When can I expect a response after I complete an interview with Highway Equipment Company?

Applicants can typically expect to receive a followup from Highway Equipment Company in approximately one week.