Highway Equipment Company (HECO) founded by Roy Gaddis.

The first unit is a Model P used to spread sand. It consists of a hopper and a hand-operated spinner, rather than previous man and shovel method.


HECO is incorporated.

The first New Leader product is developed. (Today it would be called a snowmobile.) It is used to pull a sleigh carrying people and provisions, replacing a dog team.

The first snowmobile is named the New Leader, replacing the “leader” dog that led dog teams. The New Leader® brand name is later used for agricultural spreaders.


 HECO develops equipment for road maintenance and agriculture.


 The first road maintenance equipment is marketed under the Hi-Way® name.


 Cliff Jordan purchases HECO.


 New Leader partners with Ag-Chem, a leading manufacturer of off-road equipment primarily used in fertilizing agricultural crops.


 New Leader introduces the L20 spreader.


 New Leader introduces the Synco-Matic Mark I, the first true ground speed control valve.

New Leader introduces the L20FH spreader.


 New Leader introduces the L30 spreader.


New Leader releases the Synco-Matic Mark I HD.


New Leader releases the L30FH.


 New Leader introduces the Synco-Matic Mark II with simplified design, improved gear case and valve response time.


 New Leader releases the L2020 spreader.


 William T. Rissi and Columbus Basile purchase HECO.


 New Leader releases the L3020 model spreader.

 New Leader introduces the Synco-Matic Mark III with an electric stepper motor, radar and controller in the cab for valve control.


Bill Rissi becomes sole owner (Basile maintained an office at HECO until he died at the age of 94 in 2005).


 New Leader partners with Case IH, a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment systems.


Bill Rissi dies at age 56; company stock placed in a family trust;

Bill’s son and daughter, Matt Rissi and Rachelle “Rocki” Shepard, assume operational control of the company.


New Leader introduces the L2020GT spreader.


New Leader introduces the Synco Matic Mark III DGPS-Ready to send info via PDA or laptop.


New Leader introduces the L3020GT spreader.

HECO launches first company web site.

Matt Rissi and Rocki Shepard purchase majority interest in the company.

New Leader introduces the Synco-Matic Mark IV for better flow control.


 New Leader introduces the Synco-Matic Mark IV.2, which keeps electronics out of harsh environments.

New Leader introduces the Spread Pattern Test kit.

New Leader introduces the Synco-Matic IV.4, which provides operators with a spinner speed readout.


New Leader introduces the revolutionary G4 spinner, plus the L2020G4 and L3020G4 spreaders.


HECO makes all operators’ manuals available online.


 HECO moves from its original 4-acre location to its current 50-acre location.

New Leader introduces the MultApplier, allowing operators to spread two products simultaneously, the L3220G4 with MultApplier insert and the Mark V DGPS.

              New Leader partners with Ag Leader, who takes over the manufacturing of New Leader controllers.

              Hi-Way introduces the XT3 Type I multi-purpose dump body and a pre-wet system.


New Leader introduces the L3020XP spreader, the SP6 for single product control and the DP6 for dual product control.

                Hi-Way introduces the Hi-Way XT3 Type II & III multi-purpose dump bodies.


New Leader partners with John Deere’s Nutrient Application Division.


 HECO acquires the Flow Boy line of asphalt and processed road building material handling equipment.


A “West Wing” is constructed and finished; majority of Flow Boy operations moves in.

New Leader/Ag Leader introduce the NL7, which controls up to three bins.

              New Leader introduces the MicroBin, allowing operators to spread up to three products simultaneously,

and makes its first shipment of John Deere-specific spreaders to Kite in Hungary.


New Leader introduces the L5034G4 compost spreader, allowing operators to spread composted material up to 60 ft., and the L4000G4 spreader.


  NewLeaderVIP.com launches for New Leader end users and dealers.

               Flow Boy introduces the CB4000 OFW style trailer.



New Leader introduces the MultiBin insert for the L4000G4 spreader, which allows operators to spread up to four products simultaneously.

New Leader/John Deere introduce the DN345 Drawn Dry Box spreader.


New Leader updates the NL7 software to control up to four bins, plus introduces the L2000G4 spreader and the NL450 trailed compost spreader.

HECO acquires a 4000 watt Cincinnati CL-707 CO2 laser cutting system.


Hi-Way introduces the Xzalt Precision Applicator.


New Leader introduces the TR1000 trailer and makes its first shipment of John Deere-specific spreaders into Brazil.


New Leader releases the NL4500G4 with EDGE technology.


New Leader releases the NL5000G5, a broadcast spinner spreader that offers 16-section swath width control.


HECO opens its first international facility, New Leader Comércio de Equipamentos Agrícolas e Serviços Limitada, in Assis, São Paulo, Brazil. 

HECO finishes construction on its 32,000 square foot testing facility, a one of a kind in North America.